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April 15, 2022, VANCOUVER, BC - Friday night at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) FW'23 felt bigger and busier than ever, with a jam-packed schedule featuring students and younger labels. VFW is a global platform for local, national, and international designers. The evening awe-inspired a sold-out venue of fashion lovers.

Vancouver Community College’s (VCC) Fashion Design & Production Diploma mimics the real-world fashion industry. Students experience a fast-paced production process while learning fundamental skills and using industry-standard software. The self-directed final garment project is a student’s opportunity to hone in on their craft and personal sartorial interests. After two years of hard work, its graduates are excited to showcase their final collections on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week.

Fashion shows are not just about clothes but also performance. This VCC fashion design graduate transformed the outfits in the collection on stage, catching the audience's attention.

Terra2k is an interdisciplinary design studio that focuses on sustainability. Each look is upcycled, made from “deadstock” textiles, or saved from waste.

The Designer’s “Death & Rebirth” Collection is the magnum opus of their research into sustainability. The designer uses fashion to convey practices, concepts, and ways of being that allow individuals and the collective to manifest a sustainable earth.

The runway consists of various sustainability practices such as visible mending, waxed garments, upcycling, circular systems, and using “deadstock” fabrics. The Aesthetics of the runway are informed by the “waste” materials that serendipitously find their way into the designer’s hands.

This Creative restriction allows for interesting styles, silhouettes, and storytelling that cannot be achieved by fashion houses that operate in the linear, infinite waste model.

Sabrina Laprise is the designer behind the brand Maison Mercier. Her collection is Pouvoir: the French word for power. She wanted to show how women use various forms of power as a means of expression. Attitude is unique to each of us - sometimes it is quiet, seeping slowly, and other times it is bold and clear, in a language all its own. Power resonates through individuality, and it is through a woman's courage that her confidence finds clarity.

The designer behind Happi.Tokyo has worked in the graphic and advertising design industries for 20 years.

In 2015,Happi.Tokyo was founded as the first brand in Japan dedicated to Happi coat.

The brand activities include collaborations with various licensors and fashion brands. They develop new and unique designs that have never been seen before in happi coats and continue to create designs that align with trends.

To dispel the image of happi coats being worn only for special events such as festivals and sales promotions by proposing new designs, the brand has released more than 30,000 original designs.

Happi.Tokyo will continue to introduce Japanese culture to the world through the “Happi coat” design.

LaSalle College Vancouver’s Fashion programs are globally renowned for setting the standard of innovative and supportive fashion design and marketing education.

LaSalle College Vancouver conceived its fashion programs with the same attention to detail used in garment construction.

Students get the opportunity to showcase their vision from the classroom to the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week.

Mia Yiran Cong is originally from Beijing, China, and is now living in Vancouver, BC. The collection draws inspiration from the moody and atmospheric streets of a foggy metropolis set in 2033.

A lack of sunshine and unpredictable weather patterns have led to a society focused on basic survival.

With worn-out clothes sewn together and oversized garments to hide their thin bodies, people's emaciated faces are covered with coal dust.

Despite their circumstances, they have thought about their hairstyles and clothing, resulting in avant-garde elements and a sense of starvation.

The collection features pieces that evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue, with layers and textures that capture the damp and ethereal feeling of a foggy day.

Designer Lydianne Morency staged a theatrical production involving umbrellas with her brand Vilaine Et Vilain that grabbed the crowd's attention.

The brand was created to encompass all of the domains a woman desires in what she wears. The Black Rainbow Collection is a unique, attractive, fashionable, and timeless made from quality stretchy, organic vegan leather and bamboo fabrics.

“My inspiration for Black Rainbow came during a realization that life is full of the unknown. When it’s black, it’s black, and there are variations of black, creating a rainbow of black. Black Rainbow is my new collection for a stronger woman.”

Noriko Kikuchi, a designer specializing in costume production, premiered her brand and collection at Vancouver Fashion Week 2023.

“This collection is a gift for my mother, who is fighting a disease. One day, my mother, who loved to look up at the sky, contacted me and said, ‘There’s a big, beautiful rainbow!’ We were looking at that wonderful rainbow and the sky while we were both far away from each other. In line with the theme ‘Saiun,’ I designed this collection with the image of a kind and warm mother-like woman, and I want to make this collection a success as a token of my gratitude to my mother.” Kikuchi stated.

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Makeup by Louise Kim, Sandy Na, Michelle Demissie using BULLY BLOCKER @bullyblockerlife @bullyblockerpro @louise_kim @sandytingtingna @eyesforzion

Hair by Reetu and Meera using Redken @redken @blushedbeautybar_ @meeradevi_mdhair


About Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW)

Vancouver Fashion Week is dedicated to cultivating the success of established and award-winning emerging designers with its global perspective and highly multicultural approach. Championing diversity as its greatest strength, Vancouver Fashion Week has become the second-largest fashion week in North America; and is one of the fastest-growing fashion weeks in the world. The team at VFW continues to provide its designers with a platform for their craft and ongoing opportunities for commerce and success.

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Vancouver Fashion Week Instagram Facebook All photos taken by: Arun Nevader For all media inquiries, imagery, and additional information please contact:

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