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APRIL 13, 2023, VANCOUVER, BC - Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) opening night

featured a show-stopping designer lineup. VFW is a global platform for local Vancouver

and international designers and brands, featuring talent worldwide.

APRIL 13, 2023, VANCOUVER, BC - Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) opening night featured a show-stopping designer lineup. VFW is a global platform for local Vancouver and international designers and brands, featuring talent worldwide.

The inaugural evening of Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter '23 began with an Indigenous welcome and a proclamation from the City of Vancouver, followed by speeches from city and provincial politicians.

Vancouver Fashion Week is happy to be a platform to support and stand with Ukraine in such difficult times and send our LOVE to UKRAINE.

Opening day one of VFW was Canadian-Ukrainian designer and eco-stylist Tetyana Golota’s “Love to Ukraine” presentation. Indeed a love letter to Ukraine.

The brand is named after the designer - Shelley Klassen – and has been her eponymous label for the last 16 years. Shelley Klassen has sold her designs out of her award-winning Vancouver boutique since 2007 and select boutiques across Canada and USA.

Shelley Klassen Resort 2023 Collection delivered on its promises to express all things beautiful through clothing. "We wanted to create a collection that transports you to your dream resort vacation," said Klassen. "

It was a heartwarming moment when Klassen walked the runway with her daughter Abigail Hall.

Kurriizma presents its captivating collection Pandemonium. The featured brand is a gender-neutral brand that focuses on sustainability by creating garments in a format called “Negative Waste.”

Kurriizmatic Apparel is all 100 per cent made from 2nd hand clothing, fabrics, and scraps to create brand-new fabric and clothing that can be re-woven into various silhouettes and sizes.

Pandemonium is the 2nd collection for Kurriizma, and its main inspiration follows the tale of a “fools’ journey” through a vast journey of overcoming nightmares.

A follow-up collection from “Dreamtopia” Pandemonium encompasses the same “Dream Weaving” technique that Kurriizma developed in the previous collection.

The various looks are inspired by real nightmares and Dreams that Designer Kurriizma had recorded.

Everything within this collection is hand woven, from accessories to shoes, to the clothing itself, all meticulously made from other 2nd clothing and garments.

pcyclis an independent label. It is defined by a workflow of moving slowly, resetting the creative process, and imagining deeply.

The aim is always to bring awareness to sustainability, circularity, biodiversity, minimizing waste, and optimizing wear usage. Each collection represents a renewed desire to design mindfully and create consciously.

By giving new life to forgotten resources like dead stock fabric, garments, and materials, pcycl explores new ways to challenge and please the eye in volume and proportion.

Each garment is created with attention to detail – never rushed and proudly finished by hand.

Cerita Tur designs wearable clothes that can be worn by people of all ages around the world.

This is the first collection of Cerita Tur, planned by designer KOUGE YUKI and her inspiration and best friend AYAKA, who is also her daughter

Neithan Herbert created his collection Granchio Del Mare In Acqua (Crab in the Water) inspired by his zodiac sign, cancer. The water sign helped him find symbols of the seaside that reminded him of when his mom was pregnant with him.

"We used to live on the beach. My first contact with the world as a baby was with the ocean. Honoring her, I followed the silhouettes the water created."

Nier Clothing is a unisex brand with cute original characters, a wide variety of original designs, and unique items.

The brand produces various items, from clothing to bags and shoe accessories. We will become a brand that can create a perfect era for the needs of the future at a popular shop regardless of age or gender.


About Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW)

Established in 2001, Vancouver Fashion Week has been dedicated to cultivating the success of established and award-winning emerging designers with its global perspective and highly multicultural approach. Championing diversity as its greatest strength, Vancouver Fashion Week has become the second-largest fashion week in North America; and is one of the fastest-growing fashion weeks in the world. The team at VFW continues to provide its designers with a platform for their craft and ongoing opportunities for commerce and success.

For more information and photos, please visit:

Vancouver Fashion Week Instagram Facebook All photos taken by: Arun Nevader For all media inquiries, imagery, and additional information please contact:

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