Yui Noto, after graduating from the Bunka Fashion College, worked as a designer at a clothing maker, and started working as a freelance in 2018.

She produces costumes for artists and custom-made outfits and a wide range of items including those for headwear as well as various accessories.

The 2023 Vancouver Fashion Week will be the opportunity for her to launch the brand with her own name called "yuinoto", presenting her very first collection.

She puts her own experience and thoughts in her clothes, with a fanciful perspective and in a dramatic way, to bring out all the beauty of women.


The theme of [yuinoto 1st collection] is "Hatch."


Hatching from me to the next Me.

I took off that “Me” lost in a shell I did not know.


I believe clothes are like mirrors of Me.

Me, taking on the style of what interests me the most right now.

Me, going against the trend of the era.

Me, who looks like loving the other.

Me, loving myself.


Me, trying so hard that I forgot what I liked.

Me, who forgot what kind of myself I wanted to be.

Me, who became a stranger to myself before I knew it.


Clothes are the reflection of my own Me.

If one of them does not fit me well, I just need to wear that “Me” I used to love once again.


I put in my clothes, all the emotional changes that I felt when I was living in that shell we call the Society, and those that I have been feeling ever since I became the person I am right now, who gets things I like into shape.


All the “Like” as desired.

S/S 2023


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