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“Why So Serious?” I tend to be very serious with basically everything: the strict no carbs diet that I have been practicing since high school, the daily work-out routine that I never miss for the past 15 years, the emotion journals I write at least twice a day, and oh, the endless hours I have spent in my workshop. Sorry if it sounded like bragging (actually it was a little bit) but my tendency to push myself beyond the limits had made my life unhappy. I would whip myself to the point where it would be impossible to accomplish for more; hence, despite my good works, I am never satisfied with myself. Through counseling (to brag once more, that is on-going for 8 hard years), I have found my “key to happiness”, which was to be easy with myself: to say “it’s okay” when I make mistakes, to say “great job!” on anything I do, and basically treating myself as a good mom would to her baby. So is my motto, “Let’s not be so serious, Let’s be cerealz!”

So my motto has all kinds of effect on my brand. We started off in 2019 focusing on concepts that are fun and cerealz (meaning, not so serious): paint, super-hero, poker, fruits & veggies. But we have developed our brand identity so that we would now focus on very serious topics, but our expression would be very cerealz. So was our 21FW collection with the concept of “Inner Child” and our new 22FW collection, “when I want to do good, evil is right there with me”. This is a verse from the bible where Paul, the apostle, acknowledges his infirmities and weaknesses as human being. Most pieces from our collection will show both the “good” side and the “bad” side of human nature. Few pieces will only focus on either the “good” or the “bad”. Well, please enjoy!

F / W 2022


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