Tabitha Andelin represents and assists the new women uplifting themselves into today. 

Between the gap of street wear and high-end fashion, you'll find the designs of Tabitha Andelin. The garments are handmade in an atelier in Los Angeles, CA using sophisticated construction techniques and designed for the every day use. Tabitha Andelin is high-end street wear made for the fashion forward. 

Tabitha Andelin clothing designs focus on physical comfort using fabrics that are soft to touch and taking the time to develop silhouettes that are impeccably functional. The design aesthetics push you just on the edge of your emotional and personal comfort zone allowing you to be a bold version of yourself. 

Tabitha Andelin clothing is designed and produced in small sets in Los Angeles, CA. Making small sets of product is not only less wasteful, but allows each garment to be more unique. The collections use repurposed fabrics meaning that it was excess and if not used would become waste.

S/S 2023


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