It all started in Castellón de la Plana (1992). I graduated myself in fashion design in Barcelona, specifically, in the Escola Superior de Disseny (ESDI) of Sabadell. The first years of my bachelor’s degree were quite difficult, since I was in the middle of the research of my identity. All that personal research was marked by an unconventional lifestyle, in which the night and the electronic music played an important and relevant role in my inspiration.


After overcoming intense personal learning, I moved out to London to study my last year of the degree at the University of the Arts London (UAL), specifically, in the London College of Fashion. Living in London entailed a personal and aesthetic liberation. 


Once I came back from London, I presented my dissertation in Barcelona. This project,  «Save the Rave», was the beginning of Sunday Morning. My time in Berlin was crucial for my brand’s evolution, since I lived very intensely the clubber subculture of the city, which made me question my brand and identity. 


I’ve live in Valencia for last years where I could live a really big subculture about electronic music, probably is the city where you can live it more in Spain, but for my fashion brand wasn’t that good as i get a bit stagnant so I decided to move to Berlín again. 

S / S 2022

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