My name is Debbie, and I am the owner, creator and mastermind behind the brand Sugar Coats. After raising two children into adulthood and years of volunteer work, I did find myself running on empty and along with shifts in my family life, I strongly craved to incorporate something into my life that brought me joy. That brings me to sewing!

Sewing runs in my family going back generations on my mom’s side. She is the one who I have learned the most from, not just in creating, but in life. Since the age of 15, sewing has been a marvelous hobby and creative outlet for me. In 2006 I went back to school and studied Apparel Design under Jan Bones at the University of Manitoba. For me this was challenging, as my children were school aged, but building mastery in this skill brought me Joy!

Joy came into my life  when my lovely husband surprised me with a Husqvarna Designer I sewing machine. Her name is Joy.  She and I have created  a million stitches together. That brings me to Sugar Coats.

Sugar Coats is my contribution to stylish outerwear for women.Outerwear doesn’t need to be just utilitarian, you can look great in the ordinary, under stress and you can look great picking up children at school. Be your own hero and coat yourself with style, class & confidence in a cape made by Sugar Coats for you. Every woman is a wonder, let your world know!

S / S 2022

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