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S/S 2024



My name is Zoe Wu. I am the designer of Zollection. I was first inspired to make fairy like designs when I came across artistically made dolls those were wearing fanciful costumes years ago. From that moment, I opened an online shop, and started to make similar garments for women and men.

During these years, I have made numerous dresses for weddings, graduation parties, dancing performance, and dramas with specific themes like fairy, gothic, victorian, bohemian, and steampunk. As a DIYer, I find it very challenging to make so many different styles, but the most importantly is I got a lot of nice reviews and comments from my customers. In the past few years, I also started making some accessories like hats, necklaces, and brooches to make my works more diversified.

Participating Vancouver Fashion Week is one of my dreams. So the title of my collection for this show is "Fabric of Dreams". In this show, I will showcase all kind of styles of my designs, from fairy to princess, from gothic to victorian, from bohemian to nature-inspired. I am so excited to work with so many different artists and professionals, and be part of Vanvouver Fashion Week.



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