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S/S 2024

Yuki Kawasaki


I am Yuki Kawasaki, a designer hailing from Moriguchi City, Osaka Prefecture. I came into the world of design three years ago. The reason I chose to venture into design as an independent designer, without attending a specialized fashion school and being a complete novice, was primarily rooted in three principles. Firstly, it was about "cherishing things." Secondly, it was about "connecting thoughts and emotions." And lastly, it was about "wanting people from overseas to become acquainted with kimono designs." It was with these three reasons in mind that I embarked on this journey.

Within the brand name "Kimono remake Acote by Yuki Kawasaki," the term "Acote" holds a French meaning of "next to, side by side." It signifies not only bringing kimono closer to people but also encouraging a sense of closeness to this traditional garment. Many of the kimono remakes I create feature unique designs, carefully designed to blend seamlessly with a variety of clothing styles. We aim to produce products that allow people to enjoy kimono remakes more intimately and effortlessly.

Regarding my participation in Vancouver Fashion Week, I carry with me the brand's core concept of the "pursuit of unprecedented kimono remakes." I hope this opportunity serves as a chance for international audiences to discover my kimono remakes, which also reflect my personal sentiments. Additionally, it coincides with my birthday on the day of participation. I am proud to celebrate my birthday on this magnificent stage and look forward to enjoying the experience.



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