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S/S 2024

Yahsin Chung


Yahsin Chung's passion for fashion finds its roots in her fascination with clothing, a passion fully ignited during her participation in a short-term program at Parsons School of Design. This love for fashion continued to thrive even as she established herself as an interior designer, interweaving the world of fashion seamlessly into the tapestry of her artistic expressions.

Following a solo exhibition that melded catwalk presentations with innovative spatial designs, Chung felt compelled to embrace her passion and give birth to her own brand. Transitioning from interior design to the realm of fashion, she expanded her creative horizons from spatial concepts to the living canvas of the human body.

After several years, the culmination of her dedication emerged in 2022 – YAXIN ZONE, an authentic embodiment of her artistic identity. Drawing inspiration from diverse art forms, YAXIN ZONE seeks to encapsulate the emotional depth and explorative spirit intrinsic to art, translating these profound sensations into tangible garments.

The brand's debut collection, "Lonely City," portrays eleven solitary urban scenes. Yahsin Chung's original watercolor paintings and photography seamlessly transform into digitally printed satin, creating a captivating interplay of styles and fabrics. This collection serves as a heartfelt tribute to the bold wanderers who find solace and comfort amid the tranquil moments within bustling cities.

The 2024 SS collection, "SOLO DANCE," draws inspiration from ballet, capturing the profound qualities of courage and unwavering determination. It's a tribute to the remarkable journey a ballet dancer undertakes to command the stage solo, showcasing not only skill but also resilience. This season, YAXIN ZONE effortlessly blends the delicate art of ballet with courage, magnificently showcasing the extraordinary power and captivating beauty of "SOLO DANCE."



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