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S/S 2024

tsuzumi futamata


The following text is a brief biography of the designer.

The designer is a 21-year-old student currently attending an art college in Japan.

She is studying fashion design at the university.

She is actively involved in guerrilla fashion shows in Shibuya and Harajuku, Japan.

The concept of her brand is “Clothes that changes people.”

To change is usually a very scary and a resistant thing. However, we believe that this is why it is so valuable. No matter how good the current situation is, “proposing to change the current situation for the better” will renew people’s thinking and would also make their lives more interesting.

The Vancouver collection is the first time the brand has presented outside of Japan.

The theme of this collection is “Clothes that makes you naked by wearing them".

Clothes are not an armor or weapons to protect you.

The weapon is yourself, and your clothes are a statement of that.

Wearing clothes that says what you want, what says to others, and the way you want to appear, is what it means to be naked.

Clothes are the connecting link between the wearer and the world around them.

The clothes you wear change the people you meet and the world you see.

You will have a great impact and a positive change when you see "Tsuzumi Futamata"s show.



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