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F/W 2024

Shunsuke Konoma


Konoma Clothing Studio "Living” VANCOUVER FASHION WEEK FALL/WINTER 2023

In 2023/4, Konoma Clothing studio in Kyoto, Japan will launch its collection at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) for the fall/Winter 2023 season, creating a whirlwind in Vancouver.

Konoma Clothing studio has been based in Kyoto since 2019.

All the products of Konoma Clothing Studio are produced by Shunsuke Konoma.

"Diversity is our greatest strength at Vancouver Fashion Week. We bring together the most amazing design talents from all over Canada and around the world to present the most advanced creative concepts to the industry. Fashion is a truly global phenomenon, and it's very exciting to see so many designers coming together here in Vancouver."It's not just about fashion, it's about fashion," says Jamal Abdraman, producer and founder of Vancouver Fashion Week.


It is also the theme of the collection and the philosophy of Konoma Clothing Studio.

Be sincere.Against the person who wears that clothes.Against materials, tools and shapes.Against living itself.

The materials, details, and sizes are edited, but everything is made by someone who has been commissioned, and there is an inevitability and a certain life there.

Practice for a sincere and rich life.



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