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S/S 2024



When I was a child, I liked to draw and often copied works of Italian Renaissance artists I admire. Later on, I studied ballet, which has also had a great influence on me both technically and mentally. Growing up surrounded by art, it was only natural for me to aspire to create.

After graduating from university, I delved into the study of design, focusing on European historical dresses, folk costumes, and the intricacies of French decor. Recently, I've come to understand that my attraction to these designs is not just for their intrinsic beauty. They are expressive, rich in drama and emotion, evoking the real lives of historical people. Each design serves as a starting point for imagining a specific individual, the texture of her life and times, and the world she inhabits.

Currently, as a fashion designer, I create with the hope that my work will inspire similar daydreams. I design clothes while considering the people who will wear them and how they will feel in them. For instance, I might design a simple, vividly colored dress while imagining a young ballerina with a secret ambition to bask in the limelight.

Stories and dramas are at the core of all my designs. Text and textile have always been closely interlinked. Stories, plays, and histories nourish the soul, and my goal is to enrich people's lives and minds with my creations. I am most delighted when my designs not only provide wearers with a stylish silhouette but also reflect and enhance the way they live, contributing to a joyful life.



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