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S/S 2024

Satomi el beso


Satomi el beso is the costume brand for Japanese idols by Satomi Takakura. She has provided contume designs mailnly for Japanese idols besides many TV commercials, stage performanes and so on. Each costume has an exclusive design, goes through a careful, handworked process and is created with specially chosen materials including Japanese anime-ish patterns by Japan-based artists.

“#if1” is inspired by Japanese modern culture and subculture lead by Japanese idols.

Japanese idols are not only cute but also “KAWAII” and a little bit “DASAI” (means lame in a good way). The coolness created by the synergistic effect of these senses with enigmatic vibes of Japanese idols is the signature of Satomi el beso. We are very confident that “#if1” is an exciting experience to rediscover our optimistic personalities we all have. 

Prior to participating in the runway this time, it has been confirmed to collaborate with Kenta Matsukuma, a music producer known for working on songs such as Japanese idol group ‘Bish’. This miraculous tag team originated from the fact that the two were classmates at the National Institute of Technology, Kurume College. Satomi, who was studying programming, and Kenta, who was studying chemical engineering, both in Kurume (Fukuoka, Japan) will set up the chemical reaction in Vancouver. No one can resist high expectations for this miracle.


  • Numerous costume designs for idols

  • Stage costume designs for the educational TV programs 

  • Costume designs for a variety of Japanese films

  • Costume designs for the project associated with Olympic games Tokyo 2020

  • Teaching as a guest lecturer at an art academy

  • Wall exhibition at Starbucks



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