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F/W 2024

Rolla Summers


Fashion has always been part of my life. As a young child growing up in lebanon ,i was always amused with the idea of one expression there emotions through their wardrobe  this idea became apparent to me as I started to dig a little further into my personal life, over time I realised how my upbringing shaped me into the person who I'm today.

 My journey began in my home country Lebanon ,a culture filled with history,as a teenager I wanted to pursue a career which I believe was a path that made me realise my true passion. In university I started learning psychology which eventually led me to finish my studies and received a bachelor's degree .Psychology really helped me in learning one's emotions, behavioural patterns and human fulfilment,....

Later on after I moved to Canada , I Decided to join a fashion design course at Blanche Macdonald school !

My graduation Collection was inspired by women’s and nature harmony. I wanted to express feminine beauty throughout structure, with the combination of empathy and power. The competition of insecurity with confidence and knowledge. 

Vancouver fashion week  

Vancouver fashion week is a great platform and exposure for any designer works! 

 With the total of 10 women’s looks My collection  reflecting fairy fantasy ,mythological nymph seashell,  butterflies  in playful Pastel colour palette,  citron yellow, lilac,,blue ,nude ,rose,, stone white, deep black 

Material like  taffeta silk, tulle ,silk organza, wool ,dyed feathers, roses ,crystal embellishment ,,  

My design therefore  contemporary elegance confidence  sensual ,not a shy woman 

A woman who is not afraid to dress differently!



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