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F/W 2024

Rochie Vintage


I am a vintage Romanian dress shop owner. Sometimes I exhibit at some offline shops.

I am just one of fans of Romanian embroidery dresses.

These days modernization progresses, traditional handwork is decreasing. The Romanian

embroidery is the one of them.

So I would like people all of the world to know the value of traditional handicrafts. It takes

time a lot and it is hard-work. but they make us feel peace in our hearts.

They are hearts of their country. I would like to connect across the border of countries with


I propose not only traditional styles but also modern styles with them. And propose styles

that can be worn by people of all ages and nationalities. Sometimes I dye and remake old

dresses to wear for comfortable.

The subtitle of my shop is

~And for more 100 years ~

My dresses are almost 50-100 years old. They are dresses that many people have worn

many times for a long time. A lot of thoughts and histories are packed into the dresses.

I am also mom of 3 kids. So I would like to connect the story to the next generation.

I hope to pass on the treasures of the Romania that have been cherished until now for the

next 100 years.



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