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S/S 2024

Rebecca Baker-Grenier


Rebecca Baker-Grenier is of Kwakiuł, Musgamagw Dzawada’enuwx, and Sḵwx̱wú7mesh ancestry. There is an intimate ancestral connection with the art that Rebecca creates, representing her lineage as an Indigenous woman. Rebecca has been creating sewn and beaded regalia since the age of eleven and continues to do so. With a passion for creating and sewing, Rebecca started fashion design under the mentorship of Himikalas Pam Baker. Her first collection debuted at New York Fashion Week, 2022, with a second debut collection at SWAIA Fashion (Santa Fe Indian Market) 2023. Since starting fashion design, Rebecca’s work has been featured in Vogue and Elle Canada as well as exhibited at YVR Vancouver Airport, Museum of Vancouver, the Bill Reid Art Gallery, and soon to be at the American Museum of Natural History, NY. 

For Indigenous people, it is important to represent who we are and to be proud of our identities in our everyday contemporary realities. Clothing is a way to express this, to reclaim our pride, and demonstrate our ancestral connections. To be proud of who we are is inspiring; to express who we are is empowering. Rebecca also creates clothing that is appropriate for non-Indigenous people to wear as well. 

Rebecca’s collection, to be shown at VFW, “we are warriors,” is inspired by our ancestral warriors, who were strong, courageous, and persistent in protecting our villages, communities, and culture. Indigenous people have always fought to resist colonization and safeguard our communities. This collection is in honor of their strength and recognizes all of us who are still fighting in resistance to colonialism and rebuilding our cultures through acts of resurgence. It is necessary to ensure our children and those to come have access to our lands, ceremonies, and culture. 



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