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F/W 2024



pcycl is an independent label devoted to effortless, wearable

gender neutral clothes. It is defined by a workflow of moving slowly,

resetting the creative process, and imagining deeply.

The aim is always to bring awareness to sustainability, circularity,

biodiversity, minimizing waste and optimizing wear usage. Each

collection represents a renewed desire to design mindfully, and

create consciously. By also giving new life to forgotten resources

like dead stock fabric, garments and materials. pcycl explores new

ways to challenge and please the eye in both volume and

proportion. Each garment is created with attention to detail – never

rushed, and proudly finished by hand.

Since COVID-19 pandemic, pcycl continues to evolve into what it

now calls pcycl 2.0. The brand continues to keep its creative

process open, whether it is an invitation to collaborations, new

ways to champion sustainability and ethical practices, or to

constructively contribute to conversations on how everyone can

build a more meaningful connection to clothes.



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