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S/S 2024

Paul Seagrave


Seagrave & Majer is an exploration of the various passions and ideas of Paul Majer and Paul

Seagrave. With a strong interest in heritage and a firm belief in experimentation and

progression, they like to combine both elements into their collections and projects.

After travelling around Europe working as a tattoo artist, Paul Majer moved to study fashion

in Milan, Italy. Inspired by everything he learnt from the Italian fashion capital, they combine

this knowledge with their British upbringing and influences they have picked up from the

various cities they have lived in.

Two brains can be better than one but can also cause conflicting ideas and inspirations.

However, the two Pauls try to use this to their advantage and to juxtapose many different

ideas into their work. Certain things however they always agree on, a love for tartan, a need

to constantly explore and try out new ideas, and a strong belief in having fun.

Both designers feel it is important to be as environmentally friendly as possible while

designing a collection and are particularly interested in using old fabrics and garments. Not

satisfied with simply altering or adjusting garments, they prefer to completely dismantle

them re-purpose them to create their own fabrics. They then use this to either weave, sew,

or knit new fabrics and garments. It is a time consuming but enjoyable process, resulting in

totally unique fabrics and garments, which can be created specifically for each piece to make

it extra special. There is also a lot of enjoyment to be taken from slowing down and working

with your hands, immersing yourself in the process, and forgetting about the hustle and

bustle of everyday life.



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