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S/S 2024

Neithan Herbert


NEITHAN HERBERT/CREATIVE DIRECTOR. “Boys and girls grow up under the protection of women, I was raised by a mother who in a foreign country taught me traditions that celebrate innumerable pretexts, of life and death. These rituals provide the framework to live as free spirits. There is a love and respect for nature and to work together as a community. My mom, with the help of other artisans, dedicated her life for 40 years to promote the art-craft and textile work of the local Ecuadorians around the world. When I was born she opened her first clothing store in Mexico, this is exactly where I had my first contact with the fashion world. That’s the reason why I chose to dig inside the diary of all the things that I’ve learned over the years from my mix of cultures and reinterpreted on my way.”

I titled this collection “Granchio del mare in acqua” (Crab in the water) For this collection I found inspiration inside of my zodiac sign CANCER. A water sign that helped me find symbols of the sea side that reminded me of when my mom was pregnant with me. We used to live on the beach, my first contact with the world as a baby was with the ocean. Honoring her I decided to follow the silhouettes that the water creates, the lightness but also heaviness of nature are part of the elements that complemented this collection and that I followed to create the shapes of each garment.

Working totally on handmade pieces of Jewelry for the accessories of the garments, all the buttons, closures and elements in metal were designed following my favorite symbols of the sea. Always following romantic silhouettes and giving the feeling of a free spirit. This collection it’s made to wear on your favorite beach.



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