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S/S 2024



"Wearing the beauty of the things that flow and a momentary sparkle."

The brand name "Mizuid" is a fusion of the designer's name "Mizuha" and the word "fluid". The designer designs clothes inspired by photographs taken by herself. What we want to deliver are clothes that let you feel the beauty of time, wind, water, light and other flowing things, and a world that moves our hearts beyond words. Above all, we aim to create clothes that enable the people wearing such clothes themselves to recognize their own beauty as the only piece of art in this world and to have confidence in themselves.

Mizuid was launched in women's wear for Autumn/Winter 2022 season and has released three collections until now. The concept of the first collection was "The Journey in Blue Hour". The collection was developed with two types of original print fabrics as key elements, inspired by the special time just after the sun sets, when the few remaining sunsets and the deep blue sky mix together. The theme of the second collection, SS23, was "Wavering but Unwavering”. The collection overlapped the shimmering of water and light with the figure of a wandering, yet flexible life. We tried to create mannish yet elegant styles that could be enjoyed by all generations. And this year at AW23, we tried our first unisex collection, “Dynamism in Silence”. Inspired by the trees standing dignified in the quiet forest in the deepening season, we offered mode styles that transcend gender and age.

The upcoming SS24 concept is "Engraved Time with the Sea Breeze". Feel this world where time and people's memories, though fading, are still being engraved.



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