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S/S 2024

Mathilde Covelli


Mahaud is Mathilde Covelli's new take on fashion.

Mathilde carries with her the questions of a young generation perceptive about ecological and societal issues, and above all the desire to act in a responsible way. Combined with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a diploma from the Institut Français de la Mode, it gave birth to Mahaud in 2021.

In an innovation-focused environment, Mahaud highlights a conviction: fashion can be virtuous. This idea defines the brand's identity, which is based on upcycling, or how to make new out of old! To achieve this, Mathilde works with top-quality partners, Royalties Paris, a socks company promoting know-how, made in France, and sustainability/reuse values.

If you don't know how Mahaud works, let us explain! Common and ordinary, socks are part of our daily lives; but that also makes them solid, abundant and universal allies. Especially for this new collection, we also introduced upcycled tights. This is where we find our raw material, which will ultimately become a trendy and, above all, ethical fashion object in our ultra-contemporary silhouette collections.



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