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S/S 2024



Marco was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta and grew up heavily involved in club soccer and athletics. His insatiable interest for all sports, sparked his passion for sneakers that led to a love of fashion.

He received a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing before moving to Vancouver, BC in 2018 to pursue Fashion Design at Blanche Macdonald Centre. His work ethic and creativity caught the attention of instructors and faculty throughout his studies and, after graduating, he was hired as a teacher assistant and eventual instructor.

Marco continues to be persistent in the advancement of his training and knowledge in the fashion industry. He has earned qualifications from the Fashion Institute of Technology, additionally, learning and performing the consuming practices of tailoring, leatherwork, fabric dying, and other fabric manipulation forms. Marco believes he has built a strong foundation, paving the way for him to produce and launch his first menswear collection, REDOX, under his eponymous label for Fall / Winter 2023.

REDOX explores the conceptual narrative of attempting to escape an oil rig explosion.

Twisted seams, bunched fabric, scar-stitching, rust-dying, object-dying, burning, and fraying, are just some of the details you will notice on gabardine drop crotch trousers, asymmetrical tailored wool coats with silk charmeuse lining, and leather goods, the majority of which have some aspects of hand-dying.

Focused on producing artisanal garments that marry unorthodox sensibility with couturelike sophistication, Marco is adamant about ensuring every detail is considered; from the placement of pockets, hardware, and seams to zipper pulls being consistent throughout each garment, to rust dying of drawstring cord locks, and to raw edges that are actually clean finished.

Marco F Bruni’s label is the reflection of a highly motivated individual in flux with everevolving perceptions.

A designer focused on experimentation, unfocused by convention.



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