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S/S 2024

Mai Yamanaka


I learned about fashion because I grew up in an environment where there was always a loom in the house due to the influence of textiles, which was a hobby of my mother.

After graduating from Tokyo Mode Gakuen fashion department, fashion technology department night class, I worked at a sewing factory and an apparel company, etc., and in

February 2013, I started qrosp Co., Ltd.

Kimono remake brand k【紬-tsumugi-】was started in 2020.

The brand concept is 【晴れ(ハレ)の服を 褻(ケ)の日に (Hare no fuku wo ke no

hi ni)】.

We remake kimonos that can only be worn on special occasions in Japan into clothes that can be worn on a daily life. Rather than making a formal dress from a kimono, we make casual clothes that anyone can buy, I aim to create products that allow many people to feel the splendor of Kimono.



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