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S/S 2024

Luis Treviño & Lucero Montserrat


MILENNIA is a Mexican-based brand that, along the way with sustainability, seeks and values the truest form of one's identity. Our essence shouldn’t harm; self-expression shouldn’t compromise Earth’s stability. At its core, MILENNIA creates a kinder way of manifesting fashion-one that pursues the beauty of the recycled materials and transforms it into essential pieces. For this season’s inspiration, the brand finds pride in the journey of working and bringing Mexican textiles with creative vision to a new landscape. 

“ENDX&BEGINX” is the second collection brought by MILENNIA. It explores the connection between the Mexican biosphere and North America, navigating freedom of expression and living life without borders, as nature does. From the deep blue of seas that connect Mexico to Canada, the silhouettes that resemble the various shapes of our animals, to the colors of the emblematic Monarca butterfly that persist a journey between these two countries. Nature is the perfect measure of life that fulfills a cycle. The end often means a renewal; rebirth is full of new possibilities and journeys. Transmutation learnt by nature delivers perfect balance between what already exists and what is to be created

MILENNIA is part of the first generation of projects involved in the Entrepreneurial Talent Scholarship, provided by Tec de Monterrey (ITESM), which was awarded to Luis Treviño. The brand has been incubated since 2020 in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the university for his professional studies in Advertising and Marketing Communications. Luis Treviño and Lucero Montserrat are the creative minds and co-founders behind MILENNIA. Lucero Montserrat graduated with a bachelor's degree in Fashion and Textile Design from Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM), takes part in MILENNIA as the Creative Director in charge of the conceptual and technical part of the the brand. Each one complements and contributes to creating MILENNIA's totality. 



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