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S/S 2024

Lucie Lefranc


It all started in Saint-Quentin, in Picardy (North of France), where I was born 24 years ago. As a child at my grandmother’s, I would watch the movement of the needle on her sewing machine, then run to invent imaginary collections in her attic with her clothes.

I had a standard schooling in a provincial town, then moved to Lille for high school, and went on to study microbiology. However, I soon gave up because I could not see myself in a career. After a few months of reflection, looking back over my history to find out what I'm passionate about, the textile industry came to me as an obvious choice, taking me back to all those moments in my youth when sewing was an obvious choice.

I joined the MJM school in Lille to study fashion design, where I spent 2 years learning the basics of sewing, pattern-making, drawing, and design. Two years that confirmed my passion, COVID years where I had to develop my style and experiment in a hybrid learning model.

After graduating, I decided to continue my third year in Paris, where 'LISAA' (France's leading school of applied arts) was my choice. I produced my first complete collection, my first fashion show, and I also developed my requirements for working by the book. My 3rd year ended with an internship with a young upcycling swimwear brand. It was in my Parisian maid's room that I created, stitched, cut, and sewed swimsuits from recycled materials.

After graduating, I decided to come back to Lille to develop my own brand. I set up my workshop in Tourcoing, the cradle of fashion and textiles along with the town of Roubaix. Since then, I've been seeking out exceptional fabrics and forgotten materials to transform them into fashion products.

I am 24, my name is Lucie, and I've created my upcycling brand 'Originel.' 'Originel' because the brand pays tribute to the woman and the earth, the two starting points of life.



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