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F/W 2024



Hector Diaz AKA "Kurriizma" (Ca-ris-ma) is a Fashion Designer/ Illustrator that has a dream of a sustainable world free of boundaries and limitations that society places on themselves. Kurriizma Focuses on Gender-Free Clothing with sustainable aspects being a core principle of the brand. Kurriizma is originally from Brooklyn, New York, having lived in several places including Atlanta, and Tampa. Kurriizma studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Atlanta, Georgia and received a Bachelor of fine arts in Fashion Design with a minor in Fashion Marketing. Coming off the heels of the previous collection: “Dreamtopia” this next collection titled: “Pandemonium” will be a new chapter in the story of the brand: Kurriizmatic.

Kurriizmatic is a gender-neutral brand that focuses on sustainability by creating garments in a format known as “Negative Waste”. Kurriizmatic Apparel is all 100% made from 2nd hand clothing, fabrics, and scraps to create brand new fabric and clothing that can be re-woven into various silhouettes and sizes.

Pandemonium is the 2nd collection for Kurriizma, and its main inspiration follows the tale of a “fools’ journey” through a vast journey of overcoming nightmares. A follow up collection from “Dreamtopia” Pandemonium encompasses the same “Dream Weaving” technique that was developed by Kurriizma in the previous collection. The various looks are inspired by real nightmares and Dreams that Designer Kurriizma had recorded. Everything within this collection is hand woven, from accessories, to shoes, to the clothing itself, all being meticulously made from other 2nd clothing and garments.



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