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S/S 2024

Kazumi Fujishiro


I used to enjoy going to fabric stores to buy materials for making clothes, but at some point, I became interested in vintage kimono from second-hand clothing stores, seeking a unique charm not found in commercially available items. With high-quality materials, a strong and elegant design, delicate colors, patterns imbued with wishes for happiness and prosperity, the kimono possesses numerous charms. Wearing it alone transforms movements and emotions into elegance, creating an embodiment of grace.

However, the demand gradually decreases, and kimonos that were once considered treasures are now often being discarded. Utilizing them, I primarily crafted casual zip-up jackets and shirts with an aloha-style, and as of 2021, I began taking part in sales events.

Despite kimonos often being a pricey aspiration, this allows you to indulge in their enjoyment. With a blend of elegance and casualness, it is versatile and suitable for various situations. Even after altering its shape, I continued to sense the profound allure of the kimono.

The kimono, transformed for easy wear, has started to catch the attention of many people. Regardless of age or gender, it remarkably and mysteriously blends beautifully with the wearer's aura. I am extremely delighted by this and am always deeply moved.

Japanese characters carry meaning.

The character "和(wa)" is used to express the Japanese style and is a kanji that signifies harmony and peace. The character "美(bi)" is a kanji that means beautiful. The kimono embodies the essence of "和(harmony)" and "美(beauty)," which is why I chose to use my name "和美" for the brand.

Japan possesses numerous spirits and cultures that we can take pride in on a global scale. I would be delighted if you could develop an interest in Japan through the beauty of kimono.



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