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S/S 2024

Katsuya Koubo


Concept: 'The Dress Code of the Minority'

The value that makes up the majority of SIRUSI's price is the message and connection.

We are developing items for people who are dissatisfied with our society, who feel out of step with their surroundings, and who are challenging themselves to change the current status quo.

SIRUSI focuses on people in the minority who have different sensibilities from the majority, and develops items for them.

Society and the people around you will kill your individuality and control you with stereotypes and peer pressure.

There is not just one path, but there is a path that each person can take with their own mark, and even if you are on a different path, there are always like-minded people under the sky who wear this brand.

In this way, I hope to create SIRUSI LOCUS with you all and make it a place where outcasts can gather.



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