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F/W 2024

Kathryn Grant


I have been a fledgling seamstress all my life but never understood that a Fashion Design education is learning how to make patterns and sew with precision. After working for the non profit “Common Thread” and learning how to use industrial sewing machines, I attended fashion design school in Vancouver in 2020. The entire pandemic I was in our school “bubble” honing my skills. From afar in Montreal, dear friend, fellow skater, and well known Vancouver fashion designer Cydney Mar mentored me through all the really tough days.

My background is figure skating and my mom Carol was a skating coach, choreographer, and disciplinarian. During that time I also took off ice dance class as all the skaters did. That is where my love of dance and music really took hold. I have always loved costuming and the Arts, and I now have the skills to realize the costumed “looks” of dance and stage.

My collection at VFW “PERFORMING ARTS, CENTER STAGE” encompasses that love for all styles of dance, musical theatre, and fashion. Each of my models not only represent my work but are all talented performers in their own right. I am so thrilled that each of my models agreed to “perform” and wear my looks on the runway.

I am including my hand dyed silks, forgiving hand beaded mesh, hand pleated tulle, rhinestone and crystal encrusted lycra, headpieces and feathers to immerse the show attendees in my world. I may have arrived late in life but I am so happy to be here.



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