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F/W 2024

Kanako Tamura


"Kanako Tamura" is a fashion brand established in Tokyo in 2022.

The designer, Kanako Tamura, born in Japan in 1996, majored in marketing at a Japanese university.

After she graduated, she worked as marketing staff at an electric appliance manufacturer for three years. After that, she has been studying clothes making at Bunka Fashion College since 2022 toward launching her own brand. 

She is currently studying in school and is further polishing her taste up. The brand "Kanako Tamura" is committed to high quality of "Made in Japan" and aim to be worn for a long time beyond the time.

The brand concept is based on a princess in a fairytale that a designer, Kanako Tamura, admired when she was young. We wish you could boldly take on challenges in society without forgetting your pure heart at your young age and with your strong will, not to be swayed by those around you,

just like a fairytale princess.

The essential element in a fairytale is "love".  Love someone you care about, and love yourself as you are like a princess. We hope that we would help you write your own Princess Story filled with love and courage by wearing "Kanako Tamura" clothes.



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