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Kimika Komatsu, the designer of “Juno,” was born in 1995.

Growing up, she loved making things, and it was during her junior high school years that she taught herself how to use a sewing machine, which inspired her to become a designer. She studied the basics of fashion in high school, and later attended a vocational school in clothing

After graduating from school, she worked as a lecturer at her alma mater while launching the fashion brand “Juno.” She specializes in haute couture pieces made out of upcycled kimonos and scrap fabrics, mostly selling her one-of-a-kind apparel and leasing out costumes for various media outlets, such as television dramas, movies and concerts.

In Japan, traditional kimonos are made from high-quality fabrics with intricate craftsmanship, allowing one to wear a garment that is more than a century old in its original form. However, living with kimonos is becoming increasingly rare, making it difficult to carry on past traditions. With “Juno,” she aims to revive the kimonos in new ways, connecting the past, present, and future with her clothing.



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