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S/S 2024

Jobert John Cristobal


Jober’t Cristobal is an emerging young Filipino fashion designer who has a flair of fusing various cultures through his works. He combines local Filipino fabrics with Ankara prints, fabrics from Africa. His fascination in using Ankara prints and exploring African culture is through the experiences of his elder sister, Jas Cristobal, who is working in Nigeria as an Overseas Filipino Worker. 

Jober’t graduated from the Technological University of the Philippines with a degree on Bachelor of Technology - Apparel and Fashion Technology. In 2015, he won the Designer of the Year award in the annual fashion show conducted by the institution which paved the way for him to showcase his first collection the following year. Since 2017, he has participated in several local fashion shows such as Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020, Philippine Fashion Gala, Fashion Trend Philippines, Fashion Forte and Fashion Runway Manila. Presently, he has a shop branded, Jobe'rt Cristobal, located at Mile Long Building in Makati City, Philippines.

For his upcoming collection at the Vancouver Fashion Week, his first international fashion show, he takes inspiration on the marine life, an important livelihood in the Philippines and a prevalent culture in the African coastline. Just like his other collections named on African themes, he names his collection “Lobusta”, a term in Yoruba, one of the languages spoken in Nigeria, which means “lobster.” Like a mythical sea creature coming up to the water’s surface, Jober’t Cristobal designs will surely rise up from the rest with its unique combination of color, structure and texture.



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