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S/S 2024

Daisy Cook


Daisy Cook is a UK designer who is now residing on the Sunshine Coast, BC.

After obtaining her degree from the University of the Arts London in Illustration she

decided to move to Canada for the mountains. She ended up staying for the ocean and

pursued a diploma in fashion design from Blanche Macdonald. She was awarded a

mentorship and the opportunity to show her debut collection at Vancouver fashion week.

She was offered a teaching position at Blanche Macdonald and has since helped

implement and deliver their new Ethics and Sustainability curriculum. Whilst educating the

future of fashion at Blanche Daisy collaborated with local designer Harly Jae to create their

zero waste collection.

She grew up in a quilting and crocheting household, learning the skills from her mother

and grandmother from an early age. These traditional techniques are continual motifs

throughout her work.

Devoted to reworking the way we create clothing and how we think about used goods, she

has put together an eclectic collection of secondhand memories.

All fabrics used in this collection are locally thrifted or gifted. Daisy focuses on creating

modern classics from reimagined textiles with an emphasis on traditional craftsmanship.



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