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F/W 2024

Chynna Mamawal


Chynna Mamawal is a much-lauded Filipino fashion designer from the Philippines known for her fanciful, dreamy and whimsical feminine aesthetics. Born and raised in Manila, Chynna has always been fascinated by fashion and design. After completing a university degree in Business Entrepreneurship, she pursued her passionate love for fashion in a Fashion Design School in Manila. Here, she easily became the standard and inspiration for aspiring young fashion designers. Chynna's designs are an intricate blend of elements that are both delicate and modern. Fragile yet Fierce. Subtle yet Unconcealed. Her collections are inspired by her country’s resplendent culture, and are recognized for their vibrant colors, luxurious and intricate beadwork; and flowy, lacelike silhouettes. Chynna's work is a celebration of femininity and grace and she is often lauded for her efforts to promote Philippine fashion on the global stage. Chynna's designs have been featured in several local and international fashion magazines; her work has also been showcased in several local show. Her work has been recognized by the Philippine fashion industry, describing as the “Designer to The Stars.” Apart from her work in fashion, Chynna is a firm believer in promoting Filipino talent and works closely with local master cutters, bead artisans, sewers and craftsmen in creating her designs. Chynna's commitment to her craft and her country has made her one of the most respected fashion designers in the Philippines. Her unique designs and innovative approach to fashion have inspired a new generation of designers and fashion enthusiasts, and she continues to push the boundaries of Philippine fashion with her work. She is ready to break the glass ceiling for Filipino designers as she debuts her work international fashion scene.



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