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F/W 2024

Cerita Tur


Graduated from Osaka Mode Gakuen, she was in charge of textile planning and product planning at a major apparel manufacture. She worked with a fiber maker’s marketing department and BANDAI, a Japanese toy maker. Under BANDAI, she was in charge of apparel planning and design for the Canadian outdoor brand KODIAK and Power Ranger’s costume.

Currently, she teaches brand planning to students at her alma mater, holds seminars in various places, focusing on children’s fashion trends.

Cerita Tur is a Japanese KIMONO remake’s brand she launched in 2019, pronounced  “cherry-ta toor”, which means “A Revolving Story” in Indonesian, inspired by an exchange student from Indonesia who was her assistant at the time.

Kimono is a Japanese traditional clothing, and now Japanese people only wear it on ceremonial occasions. A kimono is originally designed so that it can be unravelled and returned to its original 14in roll, so that it can be reused for generations.

Cerita Tur remakes kimono that has been kept in a closet after ceremonies, for outing and travel.

Kimonos have beautiful unique patterns, are hand-stitched, and are usually made of 100% silk.

They should not end with just tradition alone, and they should not end only in Japan.

We design wearable clothes that can be worn by people of all ages, so that both the wearer and the kimono can have a wonderful journey(TUR) around the world.

This is the first collection of Cerita Tur, planned by designer KOUGE YUKI and her inspiration and best friend AYAKA who also her daughter.

We hope that the kimono culture will continue on to the next generation, and that they will enjoy the beautiful story(Cerita) that the kimono that was sleeping in the closet weaves again.



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