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F/W 2024

Amy Nunweiler


‘Devotion’ is the first collection and show crafted through VN. Amy Nunweiler, the founder and designer, built this foundation upon her belief, with composure and functionality. Devotion received its name through the chaos and constant societal noise in the previous years. Submitting to what is greater than brings peace, and intimacy in daily life - a kind of stillness that comes with having protection. 

The looks draw inspiration from Amy’s childhood and the memories that were made in nature. These memories are shown in chainstitch embroidered peonies and quilted coverings. “I want my customers to feel the most themselves they can be in my garments” says Amy. VN offers us a new daily uniform, made up of both structure and drape. We receive a look for nearly every occasion, including her own wedding. 

All pieces are designed and constructed in Vancouver, BC. This collection aims to convey feelings of safety, and resilience. This capsule is made up of natural tones and fibres, including duck and waxed canvas, wool suiting, silk charmeuse, tweed and organza, and bonded linen. Structured silhouettes with 20oz. canvas lends a shield, while silk charmeuse hangs from the body in delicate trust. VN is dedicated to sustainability by using 100% natural and unblended fabrics, while sourcing dead stock or upcycled materials when possible. Amy aims to bring longevity and ease to the future wearers daily uniform.



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