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S/S 2024

Amy Bath & Manj Bath


From a humble start in 2016, In Vogue Fashion Haus has become the “Hidden Haus of Fashion” known in the Indian music and movie industries! Our CEO/Designer Amy Bath and President Manj Bath began their business from home and developed their brand into an unstoppable force in the Indian fashion community. They have made their mark with their illustrious designs, working with athletes and costume design for Punjabi movies. 

IVFH has been wowing audiences at multiple fashion shows before their debut at Vancouver Fashion Week. Now, their 2024 collection is making waves with its unique use of colors and designs that captivate all. Handcrafted embroidery and custom color palettes make their wedding and indo-western designs stand out from the rest.

Amy is a powerhouse of creativity! With her unique vision and passion for bridging cultures, she is pushing the boundaries of fashion. From intricate designs to innovative takes on traditional style, she has a creative eye that helps her clients see South Asian fashion in a new light. She is an artist who draws inspiration from everything around her and looks to set future trends that will influence the industry.



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