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S/S 2024

Allison Dunne


DUNNE CLIFF is an artisanal label that seeks to redefine knitwear. Each piece is one of a kind, hand-crafted by designer A. DUNNE at her studio in Vancouver. Heritage is core to the label, and collections consider topics relating to philosophy, literature, technology, the history of science, and art.

DUNNE CLIFF’S upcoming SP/S24 collection (‘ON THE GIANTS OF SHALOTT’) considers a historic succession of ‘giants’ in science, and our reverence for their enigmatic contributions to Progress. The story of the collection is told through the lens of the cursed dream of The Lady of Shalott (Tennyson, 1832), a figure in a tower down from Camelot, doomed to look upon the world only through a mirror.

ALLISON DUNNE is an emerging designer born on the coast and raised in the interior of British Columbia. Her focus is twofold – concept, and quality – and she focuses her craft on traditional techniques. Her family heritage on the Shetland Islands led her to center her label around Fair Isle knitwear, with DUNNE CLIFF pieces combining traditional elements with idiosyncratic visions. ALLISON released her first collection (‘ON ICARUS AND AI’) at Vancouver Fashion Week in the spring of 2023, and her work has been featured on CTV NEWS, as well as VOGUE ITALY and VOGUE MEXICO and LATIN AMERICA.



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