Gaurika Sharma is the founder and designer of the Indian luxury apparel brand Soutache. Her brand is retailed at all the high end designer stores across India. Her design philosophy is soft pastels, floral and abstract prints combined delicate hand embroidery, catering to an international clientele. Her choice of designs and fabrics evoke the romance of a bygone era and cater to women of all ages and silhouettes. She has over twenty years experience as designer exporter of cashmere scarves to large stores across Europe and USA.

Soutache the brand caters to an über luxury clientele. It uses pure hand woven and hand embroidered sustainable fabrics.

The name of the autumn/winter collection is ‘glints of gold’. It is inspired by modernist painter Gustav Klimt whose colours were highlighted with gold. The colours are a mix of dark blue, wine and olive in stripes and abstract prints embellished with hand embroidered rosettes. A hint of shimmer runs through the collection. The fabrics are of finest wool, cashmere, water silk and linen.


Instagram: @soutache28


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