Sorockolita – is a Russian concept brand of women’s clothing. The founder of the brand Viktoriya Stukalova is a designer from St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia. Inspired by Gothic aesthetics and modern design, Victoria created her first capsule collection. Over two years of hard work, the Sorockolita team has released several collections and became an annual guest of Concept Market, Moscow. Sorockolita capsule collections include leather jackets, coats made of Italian wool and cashmere, evening and casual dresses, trousers, classic suits and unusual accessories.

Special attention brand Sorockolita is paid to details, which is why you can see these accents on dresses and outerwear, as Luneville embroidery handmade or inserts of Stingray leather in the form of a skeleton. Each model Sorockolita-is the embodiment of the idea of creating a unique style with a variety of unusual accents that turn anything into a special article of clothing.


Instagram: @Sorockolita


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