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Soraya Creations is an exclusive brand created by Homayra Kardan in Geneva. Homayra designs the models herself, inspired by traditional Afghan clothing. For the production, she works with a traditional embroidery workshop in a small town in northern India. Aari embroidery from Kashmir is inspired by nature: birds, flowers, maple leaves (chinar). The pattern is crocheted with a series of stitches, mainly chain stitches. Aari embroidery was practiced in many parts of Kashmir, but the advent of machine embroidery in various parts of India threatens the preservation of this beautiful craft.


Traditionally, this art of embroidery was crafted on wool or cotton fabrics, but to promote this art and protect the craftsmen, aari embroidery is now also done on luxury fabrics such as velvet, pure silk, or pure cashmere. These exceptional garments are made especially for Soraya Creations, to meet the needs of a clientele that appreciates the art but does not compromise on the quality of the fabric and wishes to value the work of the craftsmen.


Rohina Samim and Homayra Samim Kardan are sisters. With their family, they fled Afghanistan in 1979, a few weeks after the Soviet invasion. Today, they both live in Switzerland but they have never forgotten their country.


Rohina returned to live in Afghanistan for 13 years, from 2005 to 2018. There she witnessed daily the non-respect of women's rights, she saw stonings, noted the countless incarcerations of women for "honor crimes ", put his own life in danger to help women and expose corruption. Upon her return to Switzerland, Rohina founded the association Hope For Afghan Women to help women in danger and more generally families who have been experiencing hunger and suffering since the return of the Taliban to power in August 2021.


Homayra , seamstress and stylist for her part, she regularly travels to Turkey, India and Afghanistan to visit the production workshops of traditional clothing that she imports with her brand Soraya Créations . The craftswomen who weave these magnificent pieces can, thanks to her, live with dignity and provide for the needs of their families.


It was therefore only natural that Rohina and Homayra join forces for the women's cause! That's why they have teamed up to present their activities at Vancouver Fashion Week!

F / W 2022


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