Sophie Wang is a China- based independent designer and recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design’s BFA program textiles. Her works often take form in knitwear and print design and are informed by themes of animism and idealized realities. She draws inspiration from trinkets and sacred objects found in unsuspecting places, virtual characters, and the integration of the natural world and digital sphere. Her current collection explores the obsession with creating personal fiction, the dependence on it, and our ability to interweave both realms of fantasy and reality in our lives – watching these two spaces breathe into one another, fall out of sync and ultimately struggle to establish dominance and rhythm. 


The collection features garment silhouettes born of quick scribbles and cartoonish exaggerations largely inspired by Masaaki Yuasa’s 2008 science fiction anime series Kaiba. Contrasting yarns such as nylon and linen are knitted together along with embellishment techniques to create the drape and illusion of a drawing coming to life, or a garment directly lifted from Wang’s sketchbook. Aside from her current brand by the same name, Sophie Wang is one of the co-creators with her partner Ben Doctor of Doc Wang – an experimental clothing brand focusing on designing one-of-a-kind maximalist garments and accessories.  

S / S 2022


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