Inspired by her grandmother’s exquisite fashionable designs, Shabnam Vaezzadeh, MD, MPA, the designer and founder of Shabouli Eclectic, identified her passion in apparel design and construction at a young age in Iran.

While she pursued an MD degree and garnered business acumen as a corporate executive in the medical device industry in US, Shabnam also indulged in a formal education and experience in fashion design in the University of Incarnate Ward followed by couture work for private clients.

Drawing from her rich heritage and global experiences, Shabnam’s creative vision, appreciation for textiles, and understanding of the relationship of form and function, further matured through her competitive ballroom dancing.

The culmination of the designer’s diverse influences blossoms in uniquely feminine and elegant women apparel and accessories with an abundance of colors, textures, and movement.


Shabnam launched her apparel brand, Shabouli Eclectic in 2020 in San Antonio Texas where she participated in local fashion shows including the 2021 Texas Fashion Week. She recently moved to Vancouver, Canada.


Shabouli Eclectic is pleased to present “The Dawn Chorus,” a women’s daywear collection themed after “Morgh-e Sahar,” a classical Iranian song. Morgh-e Sahar is a bird whose melody soothes aching hearts with the promise of a new day.


The fabric for the collection, sourced overseas, features in calligraphy the words Morgh-e Sahar, and inspirations from traditional ceramics of Iranian architecture. The pieces presented are flattering, relatable and timeless.

S/S 2023

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