Seyoung Shin


Seyoung Shin is a social influencing fashion designer who design for the people who live in this
busy and fast developing modern society to give some restful moment from her collection that
people can engage, actually touch and feel. Therefore, she as a fashion designer creates a collection for balancing work and life by her comforting designs, therefore people can live with better life quality.
Brand “NON” comes from Korean word ”ᄉᄋᄉ” which represents initial words of the designer
name “Seyoung Shin” in Korean. Shape of “NON” looks alike designer’s Korean name initials.
Hand work is the first and most crucial work for brainstorm for the collection because her base is
drawing/illustration. Her illustration’s unique style lets people recognize her work visually well at
glance and elevate her design persuasive.

Instagram: @non_by_seyoungshin

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