Ryan Li

Ryan’s enthusiasm in fashion blossomed at a young age. The vibrant elements in Japanese streetwear culture manifested as bold creativity in high fashion labels during the turn of the century, which first caught his attention as a teen. Ryan went on to attend fashion school to follow his passion after pursuing a degree in Business. The femininity in womenswear and the fineness of craftsmanship in tailoring and couture are huge influences on his designs. Ryan’s continuous involvement at various couture and tailoring ateliers expanded his horizons in the fashion industry, leading to the creation of his own label: Ryan Li.

With a focus on handcraft, artisanal and technical expertise, Ryan sets out to integrate couture and tailoring techniques into his designs. Through which he constantly poses questions to the existing framework of fashion, delivering a sense of rebellion and futuristic outlook in his designs. His works are made to empower and represent one’s potential and uniqueness.

The brand takes pride in its Made in Canada stamp and embraces refined level of skills that the Atelier workers possess: from ready-to-wear pieces to couture creations, everything starts here.

Website: www.atelieryanli.com

Instagram: @atelieryanli

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