Riley Phillips Art

Riley Phillips Art is a fashion, photography, and fine art brand created by emerging designer, Riley Phillips. Riley is a full-time student at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, pursuing her undergraduate degree in Studio Art + German with intersecting focuses on fashion, photography, and evolving, multicultural styles. Her fashion career was spurred by her background in the visual arts, as she sculpted wearable art with unconventional materials and led editorial photo shoots before becoming a self-taught sewer and designer to establish her brand just last year. 

Riley’s work is often inspired by her travels and the art and architecture she encounters. Her designs reflect the promise and romance of engaging with a new culture and population, where curiosity motivates an attention to detail and the incorporation of interdisciplinary, often figurative, embellishment. Riley creates modern and sensual designs that incite confidence and a feeling of wanderlust. With a focus on color, texture, and flow, she is dedicated to maintaining artistry and wear-ability in her designs with a simultaneous emphasis on reflecting the diverse physicality and cinematic allure of a given locale or creative experience. 

This will be Riley’s first show at Vancouver Fashion Week, and she looks forward to sharing her La Dolce Vita collectioninspired by her time in Venice, Italy and the city’s unique art and environment.




Email: [email protected]

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