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Fashion has been Suji Kim’s lifelong passion. Growing up immersed in countless fashion collections ever since childhood, she has developed her own world of fashion based on her experiences of living in Seoul and Hong Kong. Suji’s philosophy and approach to fashion centers around the constant re-invention of styles and looks with each season and strives to capture the language that young girls in Seoul want to deliver to the world through their fashion statement.

Brand. The AMARDEW brand came to life two years ago, with the vision of encapsulating the chic pragmatism and uniquely modern sophistication of young urban females in Korea. While the Korean fashion scene has experienced a proliferation of unique and stylish brands over the years, it has yet to see a brand that fully captures the bold and sophisticated weirdness that lives in the heart of young ambitious girls in Seoul city. Each season, Amardew embarks on a new exciting journey to capture a facet of this uniqueness through distinctive colors and concepts.

Collection. This season, dubbed “the future of girls’ life in Seoul city”, reimagines Seoul’s unique futurism together with a blend of retro styles and weird flares. It is a vibrant picture of the life of young females in the heart of Korea, employing three-dimensional cottons and nylons in Korea’s signature mix of black and white. This is a soulful fashion statement, resonant of how young women have come to project their beauty in a more conspicuous and powerful manner in this post-COVID world.


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