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Yukari is a designer from Kita-Nagoya, Japan. She  has been involved in graphic and variety goods  design. She has decided to participate in VFW  because of her passion for health, which is seen in  her clothing designs. With the participation of the  2023SS Spring/Summer Collection, YOD.+ will be  able to prove sportswear can be recognized as  fashion and not limited to an active lifestyle. YOD.+  launched as a fashion brand without boundaries that  can be enjoyed by a wide audience. She would like  to thank you for giving her the opportunity to  showcase the accumulation of her efforts and to  participate in such a wonderful show. 

About the brand 

The theme of the collection is "infinity" 

YOD.+ hopes that people enjoy the original world by trying things that are usually separated and seemingly unconnected. For instance, two opposites such as sports and shopping. People tend to think that activewear should only be worn during training because it is “sports” wear. On the other hand, people typically don’t think about activewear as a shopping look. YOD.+ solves this situation and brings these worlds together. Therefore, more people can enjoy fashion and activewear at the same time through YOD.+’s design. It incorporates a unique worldview with a Japanese influence. YOD.+’s goal is to lead to self-maintenance and improvement of  mind through their style combining two worlds.


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