Ocean Taylor

Ocean Taylor previously known as Wet Ink was opened just over a year ago by Kelowna’s teen, Ocean Taylor.  Ocean was always fascinated by the fashion industry and was practically born in in it with her mother Sabrina Notte owning Déjà Vu model management. She has always looked up to her mother being a strong independent business owner and she forever will cherish and thrive to be like her.

Ocean was taught everything she knows about sewing, cutting and making patterns by her Nonna (Sabrina’s mother).  She’s got to bond with Two of the strongest females she knows over not only their jobs but, a passion.

“One touch” is based on the woman that ocean has become and how she expresses herself through what she wears, I hope you find pieces that express yourself too.  

URL – https://www.oceantaylor.com/

Instagram – @OceantaylorLA

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